Tips for Music Mixing to Produce the Best Music

You have finally finished that great song you have always wanted to right. You even think it’s your best so far, yet the process is far from over. The next step is music mixing. It is that point where most music makers find themselves in a rut. Yes, it is easy for them to wring songs, but many of them don’t have even the smallest clue about music production. Some might even be hesitant to ask for tips on music mixing or production, especially when they feel like nobody can give the answers they are searching for.

To help out music makers, there are several music mixing tips that you have to bear in mind before you venture into your music production journey.

Explore Different Genres

It is important to listen to more than just one genre for you to get a full palate. At the same time, this will teach you how you can produce music with no need for you to be too consciously aware of everything. You are not required to like what you are listening to since there are a lot of things you have to listen to with every song. Whether it is effect or mixing styles, and the overall effect it creates, the relationships between notes, or the relationships between atmosphere and tempos, all these and more can be learned by if you try to break free from your usual listening patterns.

Forget Bad Quality Audio

If there is one lesson first taught in any university of music or music production school, it is that if you have a recording with a bad quality that always catches your ears and something that you are not happy and satisfied with, don’t hesitate to throw it away and record it all over again. You must never believe that music mixing or production will be able to cure the issues

 you have with audio quality because they will always remain bad no matter what you do.

Finish a Song Before You Proceed with Mixing

Prior to proceeding with any mixing, with minimal reverb not included, see to it that you work on a completely finished song. Never start mixing the song if you have only finished the intro or you just wrote or recorded the verse. This is the real secret on how to produce good music. The process of mixing is like you are highlighting the important parts of your holiday as you talk about it among your friends. Of course, the holiday here is the song you wrote. You will never be able to talk about a trip if you haven’t gone on one in the first place.

Never mix anything before you have finished the song itself. Should you feel like you really have to, there is something amiss here, and you have to look for an improved way to record it. Remember that you can only have the best music mixing when the song is done and finished before anything else.